Support Guys

Plans and Costs

Clear Upfront Pricing Information

If you don't have a contract with us, we can work with you on an ad hoc basis at the following rates:

Non-contract rates

  • Day Rate - £500 + vat
  • Remote Support Session - £50 + vat
  • Initial Assessment - Free

Support Contracts

Every business's needs are different

We work to help support your business through its IT and Mac related issues, and provide ongoing support to keep you doing what you do best. If you want to take a plan with us for regular organised projects and ongoing support, or a one off office upgrade, we can help. We will work out a support plan that gives you the help you need at a cost that makes sense for you. We aim to be flexible, reliable and honest with our suggestions, and upfront with the expected costs.

How to start?

Initial Assessment

This is where we aim to identify your pain points and areas of weakness, and then to suggest solutions. Historically this was a visit to the office, a walk and talk through what is causing issues and running diagnostic software or looking at logs where needed. These days this can be remote if required (via TeamViewer, or even teleconferencing apps like Zoom or FaceTime). This initial visit usually brings forth things that perhaps you weren't aware of - we regularly get scores of staff piping up with niggles and issues that are not life threatening, but that the end user wants to be resolved. This initial visit or consultation is Free.

Next Steps

An on-site assessment typically reveals two distinct (related but separate) requirements:

  1. How much support do you need and how often?

    This can be weekly check ins (work though a list of support questions for a day or half-day a week). Or it can be monthly on-site visits to work through the issues in person. Or it can be ad hoc incidents during an agreed service window to deal with these one at a time. Or any combination that suits your needs.

  2. Specific projects

    Examples Include:

    • Upgrade Staff Macs.
    • Migrate to new hardware.
    • Install new fileshare.
    • Network redesign.
    • New WiFi infrastructure.
    • Disaster Recovery Plan.
    • Backup plan and implementation.

    Often everyone knows that the file server is starting to fail, that the backups are giving errors, or that every time the cleaner does the rounds he accidentally unplugs the router. Projects are often less time consuming or expensive than people think. Sometimes simple steps can have massive benefits. Very often upgrades, which were quoted in the thousands when everything was set up years ago, are now in the £100s (examples being things like Gigabit switches, 10G switches and LAGs to connect servers, and managed WiFi services). Making the cost saving in frustrating lost time very much worth the outlay. Investing in upgrades to existing computers (such as iMacs) can greatly increase productivity without the cost of replacing machines - with our services these upgrades can be done on-site to minimise downtime.

Contracted rates

We want to help you find a plan that fits your budget and your needs. Once we've carried out an initial assessment, we will be able to give you options on contracted rates for support. The more support you need and are contacted for, the lower each day rate or incident cost will be. We find that once the initial issues are resolved and a plan is in place, the need for ongoing support reduces (until the next project starts or your needs change). Our plans are flexible to make sure you have everything you need without paying for things you don't. Contract plans are made to cover a minimum of 6 months with re-assessment periodically.

Start Your Journey With Us

We look forward to working with you and helping you and your business get the best possible return on your IT. To get started and book an initial assessment, give us a call on 01223 928 439 or send us an email.