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Networking and Wireless

To many people, networks are 'Magic' - they just kinda work; they follow rules which no one really understands, and use numbers which make no sense - they just add the subnet mask because the last IT Guy said that was what it was.. And so it shall be. So many networks are still going through the ISP provided router with no data visibility, no control over "bandwidth vampires" and no understanding of what is causing those slowdowns.

Modern business class networking is a complex beast. Gone are the days of just plugging in a couple of switches and everything works. You need to think about bottlenecks and where your data flows, and having a 100 MegaBit leased line (which you upgraded just last year as everyone said the internet was slow) running from a 10 year old DrayTek router is just never going to deliver... but so many small businesses do it because it is working, and they don't want to touch it.

Disappointingly most Internet service providers wipe their hands of any issues beyond their cable (or ask for massive amounts of money to give you the same answer - everything is working fine as far as they are concerned) and that is where so many just grab an old switch, or the router they used a couple of years ago.

You need to understand how to design a network to ensure that the services that need the bandwidth are given what they need, and to think about how your users interact with it all.

We can work with you on-site to setup a fast, reliable WiFi network which covers everywhere you need. We can configure different networks to allow staff to use the internet and not interfere with business critical systems - no more Netflix stopping the lunchtime off-site backup from completing!

Our 'goto' networking brand of choice is Ubiquiti - we've found their range to be scalable, reliable, and good value.

We've installed and maintained small and simple networks, and large multisite networks with dedicated leased lines and point to point connectivity. Why not get in touch to see how we can make your network work for you again.