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Firewalls and Network Security

A firewall is a door to your network, your first line of defence against threats to your network and data. Like a door, there are many types and many options. Certainly in today's climate, businesses need to ensure that customer and company data is protected by as many layers of protection as possible, guaranteeing all traffic is logged and trackable. GDPR regulations put the onus on businesses to protect customer data, so a firewall is essential for where Personally Identifiable Information is stored.

Support Guys are a GFI Gold reseller and we recommend and install Kerio Control firewalls in what is known as a "Unified Threat Management" system - which can deliver next generation firewall controls and responses to keep your network safe. They have a centralised web interface, making configuration and visibility for your network very simple. Easy to understand rules and human readable logs show you what is going on, with integrated Antivirus to reduce your exposure to viruses.

Features of Kerio Control firewall

  • Configure your firewall with easy-to-use traffic rules, controlling inbound and outbound communications by URL, application, traffic type, and more.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention using the Snort system, which constantly monitors inbound and outbound network communications for suspicious activity. Log or block the communications depending on severity.
  • Prevent viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware from operating on your network. Kerio Control goes beyond just checking files for malicious code; it scans your network traffic for potential attacks.

A decent firewall can help you prevent phishing scams, malware attacks and even stop some ransomware.

With work from home now more prevalent, implementing a VPN (virtual private network) through your firewall will allow staff to access needed resources. With home machines being used, its more essential than ever to ensure your network and data is safe.

If you would like to find out more about firewalls and how we can help secure your businesses network, please get in touch to arrange a consultation and networking review.