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Disaster Recovery

Yes, its quite unlikely that your office will burn down. But as your business grows and expands a Disaster Recovery Plan becomes more important.

  • What if the office did burn down?
  • What if a rogue employee tried to steal your data?
  • What if you had a ransomware attack?
  • What if the office floods?
  • What if your staff can't get to the office?
  • What if all your staff have to work from home due to a global pandemic?

A disaster recovery plan addresses a wide range of possible adverse incidents, from network compromise or an office fire, to pandemics and natural disasters. How should your business cope with these things? A clear and well thought out Disaster Recovery Plan can ensure your business has minimum downtime, and as part of a Business Continuity Plan plot a path back to normality from a wide range of disruptive scenarios.

Making such a plan will allow your staff/team members to be able to get back and running after an unplanned incident. A step by step plan allows you to focus your team on the critical aspects of the business and how to restore these systems quickly.

In making these plans we will help you analyse your business processes and identify the IT infrastructure areas of your business that are mission critical, and any weaknesses you may have in these areas. Dependent on the business, it may be worthwhile to do a business impact analysis or a risk analysis to determine the main objects of recovery.

Part of the plan will involve identifying and prioritising which members of staff are responsible for each step of the plan, and to make sure that each member of the team can be as productive and efficient as possible in bringing systems back up, inline with the business's priorities.

Contact our experts today to develop your disaster recovery plan to cover you should the worst happen to your business.