Support Guys

About Support Guys

Based in the city of Cambridge, Support Guys is a trading division of MacUpgrades; a 21 year veteran in Macintosh upgrades and repairs. Developed to support our SME customers, Support Guys are here to help ensure your business's IT setup is resilient and trouble free.

Location and working Areas

Support Guys works with customers, usually within an area of 2 hours travel from our Cambridge location, although we have gone the length and breadth of the country to our clients' sites. Remote support is available to all customers where physical access is not required.

Focus and Specialties

Support Guys grew out of MacUpgrades, which provides Apple Mac repairs and upgrades on a retail basis. Over the years, our relationships with some of our business customers evolved into more that of a traditional IT support provider, with us handling everything from major network upgrades to printer configuration - "Go and speak to those support guys; they will sort it all out for you." And we have, we do, and we will continue to do so.

We are a small company that has been supporting customers using Apple Mac computers for 21 years. We specialise in the world of Mac hardware, macOS and all associated technologies like WiFi networks, FileMaker servers, NAS solutions, and backups. We can assess, plan and improve your networks and infrastructure and the computers you use.

We tend to focus on the user, the person doing the work; and look for bottlenecks which get in their way. This usually starts with a lot of questions about what is causing you pain, and trying to work through them to find the root causes of the issues.

Often these are obvious, sometimes they are not. Questions about email being slow can be underlying network issues (DNS, broadband connection failure, too many hubs, old or damaged cables). It could be client issues (software out of date, corrupted email databases, malware or PUPs getting in the way). However it can also be about training and understanding how to interact with these things in the best way possible; using email to send out large files like architectural drawings is easy - but slow and insecure. Better solutions exist today.

If you want to read about some of the more memorable customers we have helped, please visit our case studies page, where we share some of their stories.

We offer a wide variety of services, and try to be flexible to meet your needs, even if that involves additional research. Our services page outlines our standard offerings, but please do ask if you have a specific need outside of that; often we can go deeper into an area if we know it will help.

Time critical response

Sometimes we deal with things that are much more time critical...

Issues that have been going on for months / years - everything has been so busy that there has not been time to review your backup strategy. New devices have just been bolted into place as and when, and it all kinda just works - until a power cut and it then just stops. You need to get back up and running as soon as possible. You need to know what is wrong and how to fix it.

Maybe someone's computer has fallen over, and you need to get their data restored and them back up quickly.

Maybe you now have 10 people working from home, and need to think about how to keep all that communication safe and secure (more secure than WhatsApp or email).

Sometimes you need a detailed disaster recovery plan for a business proposal, or to update one as new risks have emerged (such as a global pandemic!)

Hindsight is a wonderful thing - but proactive planning is even better...

Whether you are planning for the future or need help now, we at Support Guys can help.

Next Steps

Just get in touch with our team to begin the process, or have a look at our plans and costs for more information.