Support Guys

Tailored Mac Support for your Business

Support Guys provides expert Apple Mac focused IT support to business customers. We have been supporting customers using Apple Mac computers for 21 years. We specialise in the world of Mac hardware, macOS and all associated technologies like WiFi networks, FileMaker servers, NAS solutions, and backups. We can assess, plan and improve your networks and infrastructure and the computers you use.

About Us

Based in the city of Cambridge, Support Guys is a trading division of MacUpgrades; a 21 year veteran in Macintosh upgrades and repairs. Developed to support our SME customers, Support Guys are here to help ensure your business's IT setup is resilient and trouble free.

Our Services

Sometimes we all need some support. We aim to help you get the most from your IT infrastructure and devices, and give you the time and confidence to do what you do best. Here are some of the many areas in which we can help your business.

Disaster Recovery

Being prepared for the worst is essential in business. How could you recover from theft, data loss or a fire? We can help develop and implement a plan for if the worst happens.

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Networking and Wireless

Networks get expanded as your business grows, new devices are added, then suddenly a problem. Analysis and simplifying your network can remove bottlenecks and improve performance.

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Firewalls and Security

A firewall is like your front door, it keeps your network safe from attack. A dedicated firewall gives your business control, and logging of what goes in and our of your network. We can help with planning and deployment.

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Incident Response

An incident response plan is a documented, written plan to deal with a cybersecurity incident like a data breach or cyber attack. Properly creating and managing an incident response plan involves regular updates and training.

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Backup Solutions

We all know that our data must be backed up, but how where and when? We can help you form a concise and planned backup strategy. Utilising the best of on-prem and cloud solutions, making sure your data is safe.

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Slow Computers?

Is Jane asking why Word takes 5 minutes to open a document? How much productivity is lost to waiting and watching the spinning wheel? We can help with assessing your Macs to ensure your staff are not held back by slow hardware.

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Ready to find out more?

Time for the next steps. Lets work together to identify ways we can help you resolve your IT and Mac problems and start a plan. Get in touch and we'll help you every step of the way. Whether you currently have a disaster, or are wanting to prevent one, our team will be there for your business.